Hola! My name is Petra Luskovec and I come from Slovenia.

I found out about project Erasmus+ at our school. It got my attention quick because I had a wish (I still do) to move away from my country, so it seemed like a good oportunity.

I applied and got excepted. I didn’t know where I’m going, bit when I found out it was Tenerife I was so excited I couldn’t even believe.

We came here and I wasn’t even nervous. I had a feeling that I’m finally home! I loved the city and it’s people. The academy was nice and it’s people were even nicer. We had a great time here.

I learned  many new things and met new people. I now know how to use WordPress, and I learned that I can prepair photos in Canva (easier than programs we use in school).
I will use google drive more because of its advantages and I have a completely different knowlage about Social media and SEO.

I think I kinda like it here. I will deffenetly return back if I ever have a chance.

I love designing videos and different stuff and I like writing. I like learning new things that will help me in my future.

I think I got here everything I wanted. Before I came here I had doubts of even coming, but now I’m not sorry that I came here.

My qoute frome here is: “Looking back, moving forward with the best work experience from Tenerife.”

I had a great time while staying. Our lecturer Orsi, who was almost always around became like our Tenerife sister.

If we had a problem or anything at all we could come to her. We didn’t miss our familiy because we had everything here at the academy.

When I’m older and have kids, I want to tell them what a great time I had here, so they could feel like a part of this unforgetable experience.