WordPress Course for Beginners

Starting Dates in 2021: 13.09., 15.11.

Starting Dates in 2022: 17.01., 14.03., 16.05., 25.07., 12.09., 14.11.

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Let’s Create Your WordPress Website from Scratch Together!

Do you want to create a beautiful and professional website for your business, but just haven’t had the time yet? Or is your outdated website in desperate need of a relaunch?

Well, we’ve got some good news for you!

You can join our 5day WordPress course for beginners in sunny Tenerife! We’ll help you get started with WordPress, the mostpopular Content Management System on the market.

We offer you a variety of teaching methods for the best learning result. In our seminars we work with presentations and teach you the theory and the WHY of digital marketing and it’s elements. We show you in our live demonstrations how we plan campaigns, create content, build a landing page, and so on. And finally, in the workshops, you will implement on your own what you’ve learned before. We will be looking over your shoulder to assist you.

In just ONE WEEK with us you’ll learn how to:

  • Install WordPress on server

  • Navigate easily around the WordPress interface

  • Choose and install a theme and page builder

  • Set up your site’s menu, logo, footer and header

  • Understand, find and install useful plugins

  • Create amazing pages and posts

  • Conduct a website audit

Daily Program:

Understanding the Basics of WordPress & Websites

  • Introduction to WordPress – 45 min Seminar
  • Understanding Domains and Hostings – 45 min Seminar 
  • Setting up Your Website & Installing WordPress – 45 min Workshop
  • Choosing & Installing a Theme & Page Builder – 45 min Workshop
  • Getting Familiar with the Theme & Page Builder – Practical Training

We’ll start our intensive training by introducing you to the functions and advantages of WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS) for your website.

But what do you actually need to be able to work with WordPress? You need to register a domain and to find a web hosting provider. Don’t worry it sounds more complicated than it is, we’ll cover all this before we setup your website.

Next, we’ll explain how to choose a suitable theme and page builder for your business, which allows you to easily change and edit the design of your WordPress site.

Setting Up WordPress & Creating Your Site’s Structure

  • Understanding the WordPress Interface – 45 min Demonstration
  • Creating your Site’s Menu & Main Design Elements  – 90 min Workshop
  • Understanding the Page Builder – 45 min Demonstration
  • Building Your First Pages – Practical Training

On day 2, we’ll dive into the WordPress interface to fully understand its features. In a 1 hour demonstration we’ll show you how to navigate around the WordPress dashboard and explain what each function does and how to use it effectively.

Once you know how to find your way through the backend of your CMS, we’ll create blank pages and a menu bar which will form the basic structure of your website. We’ll also set main design elements such as your logo, fonts, colors, header and footer.

Next, we’ll give you instructions on how to use your page builder. So in the afternoon’s practical training you’ll be able to independently build your first pages!

Plugins, Plugins, Plugins & GDPR

  • Introduction to Plugins – 45 min Seminar
  • Web Performance Optimization with Plugins – 45 min Demonstration
  • SEO Optimization with Plugins – 45 min Demonstration
  • WordPress Security with Plugins – 45 min Demonstration
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – 45 min Seminar
  • Configuring Plugins – Practical Training

On day 3, we’ll completely concentrate on plugins. What are plugins and where can you find them? What are these small programmes for and what do you need to pay attention to? We’ll solve all these questions in the first 45 minutes of the day.

Then we’ll focus on how plugins can help you optimize your website in different areas such as performance, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and security. We’ll work with you in easy to follow demonstration sessions.

Before you finish the day by configuring plugins on your WordPress site, we’ll take the time to talk about one of the most crucial topics when having a website nowadays: the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is applicable since May 25th, 2018 in all member states across Europe.

Building Landing Pages & Legal Pages in WordPress

  • Elements of a Good Landing Page  – 45 min Seminar
  • Creating Your Own Landing Page  – 45 min Workshop
  • Creating Legal Pages – 45 min Demonstration
  • Creating Your Own Legal Pages – 45 min Workshop
  • Fine Tuning of Your Pages – Practical Training

In the first seminar of day 4 we’ll introduce you to the concept of landing pages. What makes them different from other pages on your website? Why are they important and how should they look? In the following workshop it’ll be your turn to create a great landing page yourself.

We’ll complete the day working on the legal pages of your website such as your contact page, about page, privacy policy and terms and conditions pages.

You’ll then have time in the practical training session to fine tune your existing pages.

Website Audit & Final Improvements

  • Website Audit – 45 min Demonstration
  • Improving Your Website according to Your Audit – 90 min Workshop
  • Final Project Evaluation & Discussion – 45 min Workshop
  • How to Go on After this Week – 45 min Seminar
  • Solving Last Issues & Doubts 
  • Feedback Session, Testimonials & Certificates

In the morning of our last training day, we’ll show you how to conduct a website audit in a practical demonstration. The audit results will help you gain a deeper understanding of your site’s current effectiveness. You’ll then use that report to improve any issues that your website still might have.

Afterwards we’ll get together for a last evaluation and discussion of your project. How far did we get? Are you satisfied with your results? What’s still missing? How can you proceed after this WordPress course? We’ll even give you some further resources and development ideas to take home.

In a week, you can create a website like this:


  • Students are offered many free leisure activities, including a visit to the botanical garden, surf trials, salsa and flamenco lessons, Spanish culture introduction and volleyball.

  • Visit Loro Parque – the famous parrot paradise

  • Spend a fun day at Siam Park – the water kingdom of Europe

  • Travel to La Gomera, and spend the day at this beautiful neighbouring island of Tenerife

  • Take a hiking trip in Maska to check out the hidden miracles of the island

  • Visit the world’s third largest volcano on a day trip to Las Cañadas del Teide

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Our Recent Projects


21st century soft skills for teachers in VET

Nowadays European economies are driven by globalization, development of information and communication technologies (ICT) and the diversity of values in society. Future is becoming more and more unpredictable in a wide variety of areas. Students, who are at schools now, should learn to live in a world that is constantly changing and in the future be prepared unprecedented economic, political, social and cultural environment.

21st century soft skills that had been marked up by global organization Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in the international strategic document “Directorate for education and skills” is prioritized to support educators by improving their soft skills that is required in VET programs and by involved parts to support them in acquiring and developing these skills and key competences on basis of vocational education and training learning.

Teachers are working in a fast changing environment, that most precisely can be described by a quote that has been widely shared on social media; it says teachers “are currently preparing students for jobs and technologies that don’t yet exist, in order to solve problems that we don’t even know are problems yet”. To face the unknown, it’s identified that certain soft skills are needed to be developed through the education process. But what is needed from teachers? How they can support development of the skills, which they learn about from methodical materials?

“21st century soft skills for teachers in VET” Project aims to train and educate teachers in vocational education and training institutions, prepare them so that they are ready for working with most essential 21st century soft skills during their classes with their students.

Partners will develop a training course for VET teachers based on research done with teachers, students and employers on key skills to be acquired.
Project activities will include professional development of VET educators so they are able to support effective 21st century soft skill learning.

Project name: 21st century soft skills for teachers in VET
Project number: 2020-1-LV01-KA202-077561
Coordinator: Riga Technical School of Tourism and Creative Industry
Partners: FU International Academy Tenerife
ROC van Amsterdam, MBO Airport College
Duration: 01/09/2020 – 31/08/2022

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