Hey,  my name is Marusa and I am one of the Erasmus+ participants.

I am really glad that I came here. I could not imagine a better place for this project.

I liked it when we were working in group, because we all could integrate our own ideas and we did things we would never have beliefed being capable of!

The seminars were interesting because the teachers explained af  really good and they would repeat it if we did not understand. I am happy because I improved my english.

After  work we usually went out on walks or on drinks and it was really nice because we rested our brains. And the next day we had enough energy to work forward.

The best place

I love the weather here it is much more sunny than in Slovenia. I like the beach here, because it has black warm sand and because of the beautiful big waves.

One day after work we went to the beach to play volleyball. We had a lot of fun, especially when we finished playing volleyball we went in the sea and jumped across  the waves.

I really like our first excursion in Loro Parque. We had a lot of fun and I think we all got new knowledge about animals, that were in this park. Some us went twice time on orka show, because we all wanted to get into the splash zone. It was really fun.

Excursion on El Teide was interesting we made a short stop in one of the oldest cities, with the old houses. We weren’t on the top of El Teide so we saw it from below.

Seven participants of Erasmus+ went in Siam Park. We had a really great time and we enjoyed every minute!