Hola, my name is Tjasa!

I am 17 years old. I come from the beautiful country of Slovenia. I visit school for media technicians. I first found out about the project on a meeting, when a teacher from Celje came to our school and presented the Erasmus+ project to us.

It got my attention immediately and I applied right away. I was so happy when I found out that the destination they chose for me was Tenerife island.

The first person we met on Tenerife was our mentor Lisa, who greeted us warmly at the hotel. At the Academy we first met Orsi and I knew that we would get along really good.
We spent a lot of time with her because she was our main lecturer through the weeks.

Tjasa is a student at Tenerife

We met Pablo in the following days. He was our lecturer the second week when we talked about websites. We even had a seminar with the director of the academy- Frank, who is also very nice.

We learned a lot of new things, like social media (Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter…), content marketing, things about websites (SEO-optimization) and WordPress,… We learned some words in Spanish too. I also improved my English.

Different excursions

We went on different excursions on the weekends. The first weekend we went to Loro Park and the second one in Siam Park and El Teide. It was fun!


This was the biggest experience of our life . We were independent there and we learned how to live on our own.

I got to see a lot of new things, the beautiful beaches, the tight streets and there were palm trees everywhere you looked. The people were also very nice and polite and it was nice talking to them.