I am Matej, and I come from Slovenia.

I am attending to media technician program on EGSS.

One day there was an opportunity offered to us, called an abroad internship with Erasmus+. Me and some of my schoolmates were interested, so we signed up.

For a quite long time we had no clue where we would go, and when we almost forgot on whole thing and then one day there was a notice on the school radio about Erasmus+. We all rushed in meeting room where Slovenian ambassador Mateja was waiting for us and she explained where we are going abroad. When she mentioned Tenerife, you could feel the vibe change.

Then our lucky team of eleven was declared. Well eventually the departure date came and we flew to paradise island of Tenerife.

In our three fantastic weeks we learned so much and not just on FU Academy but also managing our finances, and basically living on my own.

Our course of classes went like this: first we had a seminar, and then made exercises based on seminars. This was followed by coffee break. And then a short instructions and again work.

I can’t describe how much all this SEO and content marketing inspired me to make an website and earn money for which i only have to make a few clicks. And the lecturers here are the most badass people you can meet on Academy.

So here i have jumped to conclusion, that right away when I arrive to Slovenia i’ll make the best out of all these knowledge i’ve gained here and make a website.

I don’t know yet about what it will be, but i still have some time to think about it here.

And now I would really like to thank Erasmus+, ther Slovenian Ambassador Mateja and FU Academy for having us here.