Hola, my name is Philip Sodja!

I am a seventeen years old student of the Economical and media school in Radovlijca, Slovenia. I came to Tenerife for an internship thanks to the Erasmus+ mobility program.

I applied for the international internship because I always wanted to go abroad for study, and I felt like this would be a great first step for an international career.

I had great expectations for my three weeks internship abroad in the FU Academy. When I heard that we would be focusing on online marketing and a bit on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) my heart was jumping of joy.


LEARNING in the Sun

The whole three weeks long program was incredibly interesting and I learned a lot about the topics I was interested in, for example how to make a website easy to find for Google and make it an user friendly experience.

It was also incredible to learn about all the little tweaks you can do that have an enormous impact in the behaviour of your clients.


LIVING in the Sun

It was also an outstanding experience simply due to the fact that this internship was the longest time I have spent alone in another country, having to manage different chores without the helping hand of my parents while also working in the academy.

It was even more difficult because the only Spanish I knew was from a crash course I took at home, but in the time I was lived in Tenerife I learned quite a lot of Spanish. I also adapted quite well to the Spanish culture, maybe even so much as that I will need a few weeks to change back to the Slovenian way of life.


Wrapping it up

All in all it I had an amazing time in which I met a lot of new people and made many new friends, which I now sadly have to part ways with.

But even when I will arrive in Slovenia, I will still have all the happy memories and phone full of photos and videos that I took in my time on Tenerife.