Hola! Mi nombre es Maj.

That means “My name is Maj”. After 3 weeks I have learned some Spanish words and phrases to communicate with the Spanish guys in the street or local shops.

I come from a small country named Slovenia with 10 other students from my high school. I’m studying a combination of economic and technique, thereforeI really like this stuff about marketing, promoting something online and /or/ on social media (like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc).

I’m thankful for the opportunity for being here on this beautiful island Tenerife by the Erasmus plus project .

I goes step by step. This has been my first real experience with online marketing. But now I’m have an idea of how I can promote products in Slovenia online.

My plans have changed a lot over 3 weeks here. I can’t believe how quickly my plans changed in just 3 weeks of my life, but online marketing can!

With all kinds of people here and Orsi, Pablo and Lisa this has been something special and I couldn’t say something bad about them. I know, they are only Human beings just like me.


Tenerife and FU Academy are in my heart forever!

Hashtags, articles and designing with canva was unforgettable things for me individually.For the first time in my life I have created my own Facebook cover, Instagram post quotes and all other designing.

Probably in Slovenia I won’t use Trello. About Google drive, yes, we are using drive in our company in school by my suggestion, it’s easier to use as it is online. There I can see what my schoolmates are working on. Also I can print or send all kind of data really quickly to others.

I have a goal now: to create a company or just site online. Than I can sell things online. This is the niche market right now. Without a lot experience businessman can not build successful companies.

I want to be successful in my life. With the courses help I’m one step closer to my goal now. I’m very grateful to FU Academy for all it’s help and for every minute I spent here.

Thank you for the unforgettable moments together, I will treasure these memories forever in my heart!