Participants from the Euroakademie

We’ve already introduced you to our participants from the Euroakademie Aschaffenburg. The twelve eager students arrived last weekend and got straight down to work on Monday morning. Emanuela, Adriana and Kathrina summed up the first week activities, let`s see how they are getting on in this brand new environment:

first week at the FU

FU International

arrived last weekend, the students met at the FU International Academy, Tenerife on Monday morning to be welcomed by the Head of Spanish Studies, Daphne. She gave them a short introduction and afterwards the students were separated into different language courses depending on their level of their Spanish. They also had a chance to get to know students from other countries as well as the teachers at the welcome breakfast on the sun terrace.

In the afternoon, the students met the Junior Online Marketing Manager, Lisa-Maria Eckstein, who introduced herself and told them about the internship and explained what they were going to do in the first week.

The Spanish course was from 9.00 to 12.15. The benefits were immediate as the students learnt new grammar and could practise communication skills. They can now use their new vocabulary and feel more confident going out and about in Tenerife and during the Spanish lessons. In the classes they share their knowledge and help each other.

During the Online Marketing internship session, from 13.15 to 17.00, the German students created a Gmail account and a profile on Google+. They also learnt how to work with Trello, the collaboration tool. Afterwards they were introduced to Canva and used it to create their own design. Another task was to write an article about themselves as well as the Erasmus+project  the preparation and the first week in Tenerife.

description of the first week2

Extra-curricular activities

To keep them all active and entertained the FU Academy offered a lot of extra-curricular activities, e.g. a visit to the historic Botanic Garden, salsa, flamenco, and surf lessons and beach volleyball. The students really enjoyed the activities, especially the salsa and the surf lessons.

All in all, the students really enjoyed the first week of their stay in Tenerife and they were delighted to receive their language course certificates at the end of the week.

We wish them all the best and hope that they find lots of inspiration in this subtropical paradise. We’ll keep you updated on their progress! Hasta pronto!

Written by Emanuela Pyrka, Adriana Elena Ciobanu and Kathrina Goldbach