Spanish Course For Non-native Spanish Teachers

Starting Dates in 2022: 28.02., 18.07., 24.10.

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Erasmus+ funds for teachers

Teachers, head teachers, principals and other school staff can enhance their professional development in a European dimension environment through Erasmus+. Erasmus+ helps to cover course fees, travel costs, subsistence costs and preparation costs for those in the educational field interested in continuing their professional development and other training under the EU programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport.

At FU International Academy, our Teacher Development courses are eligible for Erasmus+ funding and we offer full service and organization of your stay here in Tenerife. This includes completion of the necessary paperwork required for Erasmus+ projects, as well as airport transportation, accommodation either in shared apartments or one of our partnered hotels and, during the working day, participants can eat in our own cafeteria at FU Café.

For more information on Erasmus+, click here.

Spanish Course for Non-native Teachers

What are the best ways for students to learn languages? How can non-native speakers thoroughly introduce foreign languages in their teachings? How can new technology tools help improve our teaching methodology to accommodate the 21st-century student?

These are just a few of the questions that Spanish language teachers face every day, and our week-long, intensive language course for non-native Spanish teachers is thoroughly designed to provide answers to such questions.

Our aim is to develop both theoretical and practical aspects of interactive and communicative teaching of language, while paying particular attention to the use of different materials and resources for various types of lessons. Participants take part in daily seminars, demonstrations and workshops, while also having the chance to explore the tropical island of Tenerife through different leisure activities and group excursions.

The key aspects of this course focus on the role grammar plays in the language classroom; communicative approaches and the gamification in a ELE classroom; teaching lexical collocation and a CLIL class; the use of cultural components in the ELE classroom (i.e. cinema and images) as well as real-time observations of our classes. Participants will then have the chance to discuss other challenges they face when teaching Spanish classes as they become informed on best practices used by native-speaking teachers.

Learn more about the course and the outcome HERE.

Course outline and competences:

What should you expect?

  • Duration of the course: One week

  • Pre-requisite: Level B2 Spanish proficiency

  • Group size: 4 to 10 participants

  • 30 lessons offering language, didactic and methodology teacher training

  • 5 cultural program activities

  • Access to digital course material

  • Learn how to address specific grammar problems in the classroom including conflicting uses of the subjunctive, past tenses, and verbs ser and estar.

Course Outcomes

  • Participant certification upon course completion

  • Updated knowledge surrounding the different levels and aspects of foreign language teaching

  • Advance methodology, classroom management and practical teaching techniques

  • Discuss and reflect on teaching from the point of view of different educational realities of teaching highlighting requirements regarding educational and foreign language necessities

  • Propose different approaches for the development and use of methods and teaching resources

  • Increased Spanish proficiency

  • Provide on-going, necessary resources to help stay up-to-date on new experiences and learning materials

  • Present Spanish and Canarian culture by way of traditional outfits, gastronomy and cultural celebrations


  • Students are offered many free leisure activities, including a visit to the botanical garden, surf trials, salsa and flamenco lessons, Spanish culture introduction and volleyball.

  • Visit Loro Parque – the famous parrot paradise

  • Spend a fun day at Siam Park – the water kingdom of Europe

  • Travel to La Gomera, and spend the day at this beautiful neighbouring island of Tenerife

  • Take a hiking trip in Maska to check out the hidden miracles of the island

  • Visit the world’s third largest volcano on a day trip to Las Cañadas del Teide

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Informative and Captivating Lecturers

We have just come back from an intensive 5-day teacher training course about online marketing at FU International Academy Tenerife and we all agree that the course, the teachers as well as the whole experience were amazing.

Even though we were teachers of different subjects with different levels of prior knowledge about the topic, we all found the lectures informative and captivating, yet easy enough to follow. All the lectures were supported by well-prepared presentations, real-life examples and first-hand experience as all the teachers from FU International Academy also do what they teach.

We were also extremely pleased with the overall organization of our stay in Tenerife. We worked hard and learned a lot, but at the same time, we had enough time to explore the island and socialize.

Slovenian Teachers

One of the Most Professional Courses

I thought this is one of the most professional courses I have ever attended. I'm glad I attended this course and I suggested to others who are interested. It was more than I expected. Thank you!

Angele Teacher

Great Opportunity to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

The seminar at SEOintheSUN was a great opportunity to get an inside view of our digital marketing strategy in the company and learn about effective approaches, methods and tools in communication with our target groups. Frank, Orsolya and Semmy generously shared their knowledge and were always ready to give an advice about any digital marketing related issue during the seminar.

Goran Head of Organization

Very useful and professional training

We highly appreciate participating in the course because we have learned a lot. Very useful professional training with a very competent experienced trainer in the field. We also enjoyed organization and school facilities. We would recommend this course to all who want to have competent knowledge in online marketing and want to be successful in working life.

Jana & Libor Teachers

Our Recent Projects


21st century soft skills for teachers in VET

Nowadays European economies are driven by globalization, development of information and communication technologies (ICT) and the diversity of values in society. Future is becoming more and more unpredictable in a wide variety of areas. Students, who are at schools now, should learn to live in a world that is constantly changing and in the future be prepared unprecedented economic, political, social and cultural environment.

21st century soft skills that had been marked up by global organization Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in the international strategic document “Directorate for education and skills” is prioritized to support educators by improving their soft skills that is required in VET programs and by involved parts to support them in acquiring and developing these skills and key competences on basis of vocational education and training learning.

Teachers are working in a fast changing environment, that most precisely can be described by a quote that has been widely shared on social media; it says teachers “are currently preparing students for jobs and technologies that don’t yet exist, in order to solve problems that we don’t even know are problems yet”. To face the unknown, it’s identified that certain soft skills are needed to be developed through the education process. But what is needed from teachers? How they can support development of the skills, which they learn about from methodical materials?

“21st century soft skills for teachers in VET” Project aims to train and educate teachers in vocational education and training institutions, prepare them so that they are ready for working with most essential 21st century soft skills during their classes with their students.

Partners will develop a training course for VET teachers based on research done with teachers, students and employers on key skills to be acquired.
Project activities will include professional development of VET educators so they are able to support effective 21st century soft skill learning.

Project name: 21st century soft skills for teachers in VET
Project number: 2020-1-LV01-KA202-077561
Coordinator: Riga Technical School of Tourism and Creative Industry
Partners: FU International Academy Tenerife
ROC van Amsterdam, MBO Airport College
Duration: 01/09/2020 – 31/08/2022


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