Being a participant in, and facilitator of, numerous Erasmus+ mobility projects, we are always happy to welcome new students from various fields to our school. So far, our Online Marketing programmes and Intensive Spanish Classes have always served a great purpose. And due to all our positive experiences with Erasmus + students from all over Europe, we could not turn down the request we received from the Municipal High School Goce Delchev in Macedonia. The school focuses on agriculture and educates its students on topics such as organic wine production. Tenerife, being well-known for its wine culture, presented itself as the perfect destination for a mobility project. So at the end of February, we welcomed 8 Macedonian students and 2 teachers at our school.

There’s a first for everything

This was the first time we had gone in this particular direction with an Erasmus+ Bahus project, and that is why we’re very pleased to present you with the outcome.

Erasmus + Mobility Project Tenerife

About the programme

The programme we created for our agricultural students consisted of 3 main parts:

Seminars on organic wine production

During their two weeks here, the students visited 3 wine fields where they participated in seminars about the local organic wine production, and also the Casa del Vino in El Sausal which is representative of culture and history of Canarian wine production. These visits took place twice per week in the mornings and transportation by bus was provided.

Erasmus + Students from Marcedonia at Wine Fields

Cultural Experiences in Tenerife

Once per week, we took the students on a cultural trip to allow them to learn about Tenerife, their Erasmus+ destination. In week 1, they visited La Orotava, the historic centre of the island, and the visitors centre of Parque National del Teide where they learned all about Tenerife as a volcanic island, and the Mount Teide which is Spain’s highest mountain.

Workshops: How to launch a product

The third part of this two week programme comprised of a number of workshops, held at the FU Academy. Some of these workshops were to help refresh the students’ memories on the things they had learned on their visits to the wine fields in the morning – being an Online Marketing School however, we also included one other important element – The Product Launch.

Tenerife as a volcanic island

After gaining all this knowledge about organic wine production in the mornings, we wanted to make sure that they, after learning how to produce, knew how to sell their product. Digital Nomad and Entrepreneur, Ellen de Dreu, helped realize these workshops. She had been with us as a Digital Nomad trainer for a few weeks and was happy to help us with this interesting mobility project. Having built her own company before, Ellen knows how to launch a product and was able to teach our students a lot about building their own website, using social media to introduce themselves and their brand, and finally letting them know how best to gain customers.

The combination of these three parts turned this Erasmus+ programme into a very successful experience for everyone involved. Although none of the participants knew what to expect at first, since such a programme had never been realized in this school before, they all were very pleased with the outcome. The teachers ended up participating extensively in all the workshops and seminars as they too were able to learn a lot from them which speaks to their quality.

Accommodation + additional services

Erasmus + students play volleyball in Tenerife

Aside from the programme itself, the general organization was the same as it is in any of our other Erasmus+ projects. The students stayed in shared rooms in the Teide Mar Hotel, which is only a short walk away from the school where they received breakfast and dinner daily. Lunch was provided by the school at the FU Cafe. In the afternoons, the students were able to participate in free leisure activities offered by the FU Academy which included a salsa lesson, beach volleyball and a visit to the botanical garden.  

Salsa lessons for marcedonian Erasmus + students

In conclusion, we are more than happy with the outcome of this project and have yet another positive experience to add to our list.