Hola! Me llamó Aleksandra.

ERSAMUS-Plus-Student at FU Academy


My name is Aleksandra. I’m a 17-year-old student of the Media Technician Program of the Economic Grammar and Secondary School in Radovljica, Slovenia.

As a media technician I’m interested in photography, designing websites and social media.

I started to show interest for making websites in primary school, where me and one of my friends created a web page for publishing daily news of an online game for children. We worked on that website every day for almost three years and ever since that I absolutely adore graphic design.

A few years later I applied for a media technician school. There I also developed an special interested for broadcasting as I’m taking part of the school radio team and record jingles or short radio dramas.


At first I was concerned about where my internship will take place. I had no plan. But luckly I got introduced to Erasmus+.

This is a European Union student exchage programme that allows me and many other students to do an internship aborad, where new knowledge is provided, not only in circles of one’s occupation but of life itself as well.

It was a great chance for me to do it away from my home country. I couldn’t resist. I mainly decided to apply because I don’t have enough finances to travel a lot, which I would like to do as much as I like meeting new people, trying different food, experience different cultures and lifestyles.

Another reason is also the fact that with an intrenship abroad I was not only forced to start working and expanding my knowledge, but I also got an idea how living on my own would be.

Of course we stayed in a hotel, and didn’t fully get the taste of adulthood, but on the other hand we were far away from our families and we had to take care of ourselves, manage our expenses and navigate ourselves through all kinds of situations; from speaking with native Spanish people to calling a cab



FU Academy

I fully enjoyed the three weeks in Puerto de la Cruz. I learned a lot in FU Academy about writing articles and promoting a company online, as well as I learned to be more independent and improved my confidence.

I am most grateful for Erasmus+ for giving me the opportunity to experience internship abroad and I truly recommend it to everyone who gets the chance to participate!