Hola, my name is Neza!

I applied for the Erasmus+ project because I think taking part in an internship abroad is a great way to travel, see the world, learn something new, improve the skills you already have and gain practical experience.

When I decided to apply, I didn’t know where exactly I will be going or if I will be lucky enough to even get this opportunity.

After a few weeks of waiting for the news I found out I will be going to Canary islands, Tenerife, the city Puerto de la Cruz. And I really couldn’t wait to go. So keep on reading to find out more about my internship abroad.

Spending three weeks overseas was such an amazing experience, it boosted my personal growth and allowed me to broaden my experience and mind.

At first, I thought this will be just about working but then I realized its so much more than that. By living abroad, I had the opportunity to develop my Spanish language skills and also improve my English by using it daily.

I met the locals and explored their culture, learned basics about Flamenco and Salsa dance, tasted Papas Arrugadas, wrinkled potatoes with a pepper sauce called Mojo and tried Barraquito, the best coffee available only here on Tenerife.

Most important, I have learned to see the world from a different perspective. I learned to use different skills from before and I upgraded them with the help of the people from the FU Academy and our amazing manager Orsi.

I learned a lot about SEO, social media, creating my own website, writing articles, using hashtags, editing pictures and much more. All the knowledge I have gained will come in handy for school and also for my future life in general.

This was a really wonderful experience that I will never forget. I have not only collected knowledge of writing articles and promoting a company online but I have also gained experience in my social life as I became more independent.